Hunting with Tui

Tui Keenan is a bubbly, energetic, focused wahine Māori who is pursuing her dream to become a hunter.

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Hunting with Tui, Episode 1

Tui’s uncle takes her deer hunting on her own lands for the first time. After a day on Mt. Hikurangi, Tui heads down the coast for a fast and furious pig hunt with local wahine, Anita.

Hunting with Tui, Episode 2

It’s a family hunt at Anaura Bay. Tui heads out with her husband and two of their girls to get some kai for dinner. Tui leads the hunt and she has feral sheep and goats in her sights.

Hunting with Tui, Episode 3

Tui and her daughter, Stevie head 26km by boat up the Ōhinemateora river close to Ruatāhuna. Local, Puni Tiakiwai is taking them hunting on horseback in the rugged Te Urewera country.

Hunting With Tui, Episode 4

Tui heads to Southern Taranaki to go hunting with a young man called Hunter. Tui comes very close to some massive, wild cattle and has a lesson in processing deer.

Hunting with Tui, Episode 5

Tui heads out into Manawatu with husband and wife team, Pania & Haaka. It’s Tui’s first time hunting the elusive Sambar deer and she learns that patience is a big part of hunting.

Hunting with Tui, Episode 7

Tui enjoys a remarkable day out fishing with Joe & Carlo. First, they fish in the ocean off Papamoa beach and then they enjoy an afternoon trout fishing in Lake Tarawera.

Hunting with Tui, Episode 8

Feathers go flying when Tui meets up with Mawera & Dave in Whakatane. Tui is inspired by their self sufficient lifestyle. Small game such as turkey, peacock and goat are all on the menu.

Hunting with Tui, Episode 9

Tui and her whānau enjoy a weekend hunting in Kawhia. They get involved with a youth programme that gives rangatahi experience in fishing, then they give their kai to local kaumatua.