Hunting Aotearoa

(AO) Join skilled hunter Peter Peeti as he hunts his way through Aotearoa.

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Hunting Aotearoa, Series 14 Episode 4

(AO) Wild pigs, known as pua’a, have thrived on Kauai and for many locals, hunting is a cherished practice. It’s not a hobby for these people it’s a way of life, a life Pete is very used to.

Hunting Aotearoa, Series 14 Episode 8

(AO) Today, Mike White invites Pete back for some more hunting fun. With Mike’s knowledge of the area and Pete’s hunting experience, stalking the elusive red stag shouldn’t be a problem.

Hunting Aotearoa, Series 14 Episode 2

(AO) Pete heads to the Coromandel in search of wild boar. Teaming up with local farm manager Paul Denton & friends it’s game on as Pete finds out what pig hunting is like on the peninsula.