Hunt with Me

See the diversity of hunting and gathering across land and sea. Told through the eyes of unique and entertaining characters from across New Zealand. On Demand available worldwide.

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Hunt with Me, Episode 10

(AO) This week, we follow Thane and Owen on a mission in Gisborne, plus we join Kaleb Cave in the Coromandel as he takes us on a land based fishing expedition targeting kingfish.

Hunt with Me, Episode 9

(AO) This week, we're in the Ruahine ranges targeting deer with Gav Wairau. Later, we head back across the ditch to cook up a delicious kai on the beach with Chef Marcus Poa.

Hunt with Me, Episode 7

This week, we're back on the water with the Big O, and we head across the ditch to Australia to join chef Marcus Poa on a dive mission.

Hunt with Me, Episode 6

(AO) This week, we take to the beautiful Rangitikei River as we chase trout with Thane Young, and we’re back up north fishing off the beach.

Hunt with Me, Episode 5

(AO) This week, we join a true character, Clay Tall Stories as he teaches some young boys about pig hunting. Plus we head to Wellington on a dive mission with the Big O.