Heritage Rescue 2

Join Brigid Gallagher and her team, as they visit various heritage sites within Aotearoa, uncovering fascinating stories along the way. New Series, Sundays, 7.30pm.

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Heritage Rescue 2, Episode 4

Host Brigid Gallagher is at Kaeo museum investigating the sinking of the Boyd and the massacre of its crew and passengers in 1809, which is hidden in confusing and cluttered exhibits.

Heritage Rescue, Episode 7

G, National treasures ranging from Jurassic fossils to some of New Zealand’s finest examples of Māori weaving are languishing in an outdated setting at Kawhia Museum.

Heritage Rescue, Episode 6

G, . Gunfights on the street, famous tight rope walkers and mysterious ghost stories feature in the creation of a new exhibit at the Thames Historical Museum.

Heritage Rescue, Episode 5

G, The team take on a different museum challenge in Christchurch: to create a pop-up container exhibit for children featuring artefacts found after the earthquakes.

Heritage Rescue, Episode 4

G, A museum on Rangitoto Island presents a snapshot of bach life in the 1950s but desperately needs more accessible displays for visitors, especially tourists.

Heritage Rescue, Episode 3

G, Host Brigid Gallagher and her team visit heritage sites in need of help. Today: A military museum near Hamilton has a collection rivaling anything in the country but is run by one man.