Head Start

The competitive world of hairdressing and make-up are in the spotlight on Māori Television’s reality series Head Start.

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Head Start, Series 1 Episode 13

The final two contestants give it their all in the toughest elimination challenge yet when Keisha Castle-Hughes helps choose the first ever winner of HEAD START in this nail biting fashion show finale. (SERIES FINAL)

Head Start, Series 1 Episode 12

The girls’ skills are tested to the limit as they make up some famous faces under the watchful eyes of television personality Aroha Hathaway and the Cut Above Academy’s Gael Thompson.

Head Start, Series 1 Episode 11

The girls are shown how to apply photoshoot makeup on a female model and male actor Te Kohe Tuhaka whilst trying to impress tonights guest Judge, Wendy Hill, of Wendy Hill cosmetics.

Head Start, Series 1 Episode 10

It’s makeover time! The girls race against the clock to give some special ladies a new lease on life with New Idea’s fashion editor Lulu Wilcox keeping the grill on.

Head Start, Series 1 Episode 9

Pressure is mounting for the six remaining contestants as they battle to create the latest runway look for NZ hairdresser of the year 2010 Mana Dave and television presenter Taupunakohe Tocker.

Head Start, Series 1 Episode 8

The girls are put through their paces for the glitz and glamour of evening makeup, but emotions run high as two of them fail to make the grade for guest judges Deb Tan and Annabelle Lee-Harris.

Head Start, Series 1 Episode 7

The nine remaining contestants face their toughest clients yet with the help of world body painting champion Yolanda Bartram and former What Now presenter Tumehe Rongonui.

Head Start, Series 1 Episode 6

The girls discover that using curlers isn’t as easy as it looks in their quest to create a sexy Beyonce look for award-winning hairdresser Penny Ainsley and actor Jaime Passier-Armstrong.