Reality show involving 4 of our top level haka groups competing in several challenges for a grand prize of $10,000. Available On Demand.

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Hakataetae videos.

Hakataetae, Series 1 Episode 8

FINAL: We have reached the end of the Hakataetae competition. The four teams have been physically and mentally challenged throughout their journey, but which team will be named the Hakataetae winners of 2016?

Hakataetae, Series 1 Episode 7

As the teams near the end of their journey, they reside under the veil of Maungapōhatu. The lifestyle of living and connecting with nature will be introduced to the teams.

Hakataetae, Series 1 Episode 6

Hakataetae is in the homelands of Te Itikahurangi. As the tension rises between the groups, their fullattention is demanded by the upcoming events. Their skills in presenting and cooking are all put to the test.

Hakataetae, Series 1 Episode 5

We enter into the Waikato region to the homelands of Te Iti Kahurangi. The teams are given the opportunity to display their skills in music, paddling and performing arts. Who will be at the top of their game today?

Hakataetae, Series 1 Episode 4

From beautiful landscapes, to breathtaking views, Hakataetae arrives in the arms of Muriwhenua. The four groups have been given the opportunity to partake in the everyday life of Muriwhenua people. (R)

Hakataetae, Series 1 Episode 3

Te Rerenga wairua greets Hakataetae into it’s beautiful surroundings, the homelands of Muriwhenua. The groups will participate in a number of challenges that test their inner strength and capabilities. Who will rise, who will fall?

Hakataetae, Series 1 Episode 2

From the boiling waters of Wharewarerewa, to the calming waves of Rotoiti, Hakataetae greets the sunny region of Rotorua. Our four teams introduce a variety of different challenges that will keep you on the edge of your seat. (R)

Hakataetae, Series 1 Episode 1

Our Hakataetae competition starts off in the region of Te Arawa, Rotorua. Join in on the fun as we watch all four teams compete for the grand prize of $10,000. Physically and mentally tested, who will rise to the summit? (RP)