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The Borneo Case

(AO) The story of the destruction of the Borneo rainforest & the hunt for billions of dollars that were filtered into offshore accounts and property portfolios all around the world.

Rodents of Unusual Size

Giant swamp rats are invading coastal Louisiana and the defiant locals are defending their communities, culture, and livelihoods from the onslaught of this curious and invasive species.


Blind from birth, Gurrumuls love affair with music started when he was three years old singing in one of the oldest surviving languages on the planet. The indigenous Australian musician sings the stories of his people and culture. (REPEAT)

Maui's Hook

(AO) On Demand video only available in New Zealand. Made with the support of NZ On Air. Paora Joseph meets five whānau whom have lost a family member to suicide. Together they work with the concepts of tika, pono and aroha to confront their trauma before joining the hīkoi. On Demand video only available in New Zealand.

Angry Inuk

A look at seal hunting and the negative impact that international campaigns against the hunts, have had on the lives of the Inuit.