Colonial Combat

Wrestling as a human pastime is thousands of years old and is today enjoyed by passionate fans all across the world.

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Colonial Combat, Episode 1

Tuwhare returns to Kauri Bay and old rivalries with brother Kingi are inflamed. Felton plans to take the wrestling game from Kingi and Harold. Tereti opens a printing press and meets a myst.

Colonial Combat, Episode 2

. Felton and Tuwhare strike an uneasy alliance under the watchful eyes of Madam Raukura. Tereti and Hinepu get closer, infuriating Tuwhare. Harold and Kingi make plans to get back on top of t

Colonial Combat, Episode 3

. Felton’s business is in trouble and he takes desperate action; appealing to his rich wife back in England. Winning the night’s fight by cheating, Felton draws out Tuwhare’s ire.

Colonial Combat, Episode 4

. Harold is worried about Tuwhare taking a big cut of his profits. He teams up with Raukura to shake up the game and discovers a surprising new fighter.

Colonial Combat, Episode 5

PG, Harold and Kingi are finally back on top but Tuwhare still wants his cut. Mawera takes matters into her own hands when violence spills out of the tent and onto the streets..

Colonial Combat, Episode 6

M, Tereti publishes Kauri Bay's first newspaper. Mawera is impressed with his reporting and gifts to him knowledge of his whakapapa. Alofa makes her debut as Superfly!

Colonial Combat, Episode 7

M, Tereti's romantic misadventures continue. Felton seeks to capitalise on some new information about Harold. Raukura uses the fight game to make a surprising move to help Kingi and Harold.

Colonial Combat, Episode 8

M, Tuwhare is sick of losing out to Kingi and makes a big promise to enlist the help of a dangerous new fighter. Felton is onto Raukura but she beats him at his own game.

Colonial Combat, Episode 9

M, Kingi steps up to his rightful place and leads a war party against approaching foes. Felton's good mood is ruined by the arrival of an unwelcome guest. Tuwhare's actions reap deadly consequ