Aroha Bridge

An animated snapshot of the multicultural melting pot that is Aotearoa. Made with the support of NZ On Air. All episodes On Demand, available only in NZ.

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The series is voiced by a talented multi-racial and hilarious cast - Madeleine Sami, Frankie Stevens, Mātai Smith, Scotty Cotter, Jessica Hansell, Rizván Tu’itahi, Julian Dennison, Rachel House and Oscar Kightley.

Kowhai Hook - Jessica Hansell

Kowhai Hook is a motivated but delusional gogetter ready to crack
the music biz and leave Aroha Bridge. Her outfits and personality
are loud and proud and she rarely doubts herself. The only thing
standing in her way is her cynical band-mate (slash twin brother),
her disinterested community and her world-famous arch-nemesis:
their ten-year-old cousin Angeline.

Played by Jessica Hansell. Ngāpuhi, Samoan and German, Jess
is part of Piki’s film collective and is an established cult rapper
and political essayist.

Monty Hook - Rizván Tu’Itahu

Monty Hook is a laidback tap of untapped potential. The yin to
Kowhai’s yang, he’s not one to let consumerism cloud his vision
or let a stereotype go unquestioned. That being said, he can’t
walk past a table of free kai or pass up some sweet as $2 sunnies!

Played by Rizván Tu’itahi. Tongan born recording artist and actor,
he lives and works in Auckland producing music independently.

Mum Hook - Madeleine Sami

Pakeha on the outside, wanna be Māori on the inside, Mum Hook is
alty and easy going. Passionate about Te Reo, the ambition doesn’t
quite translate to technique, possibly like some other dedicated
te reo amateurs out there today.

Played by Madeleine Sami. Of Fijian Indian and Irish heritage,
Madeleine is an accomplished film, television and theatre actress.
She is particularly known for her comedic flair, and is co-creator of
cult NZ TV show ‘Super City.’ 

Aunty Winny - Madeline Sami

Sport, sport and more sport. Sport is the meaning of life for Aunty
Winny. Kids in tow, she’s always training, active wear is the uniform
for life as far as she’s concerned. This energy translates to her
tireless fight to tap into any athletic potential she can clap eyes on.

ALSO played by the fabulous Madeleine Sami.

Angeline Hook - Madeleine Sami

The 10-year old cousin who is also an international pop star. 
Successful, stylish and super cool, Angeline is the condescending
arch nemesis of Kowhai.

ALSO played by the fabulous Madeleine Sami.

Dad Manu Hook - Frankie Stevens

Ex-military, ethnically in denial, Dad Hook is all about rugby and
earning your keep. Anything cultural or arty is cringeworthy to
Dad Hook, and he has zero patience for his Māori advocate
brother, Noogy.

Played by Frankie Stevens. Of Māori and Scottish descent, Frankie
has enjoyed both national and international success as an
entertainer, and has been awarded an NZ Order of Merit for
his contribution to the arts.

Uncle Noogy - Matai Smith

Only speaking Te Reo (because he doesn’t speak the establishments
language), Uncle Noogy is a die-hard Māori activist. He’s a bit of an
extremist, but the twins may have a thing or two to learn from him.

Played by Matai Smith. Fluent in Te Reo and of Rongowhakaata,
Ngai Taamanuhiri and Ngāti Kahungunu descent, Matai is one of
few TV presenters to have worked across all the major networks;
TV3, TVNZ and Māori TV.

Ira Hook - Scotty Cotter

The kooky, endlessly positive cousin who is also the band’s number
one fan. Ira works tirelessly at the Aroha Bridge dairy and is the
lighthearted, comic encouragement to the often failed endeavours of
the twins.

Played by Scotty Cotter. A familiar face on many NZ TV shows and
theatre stages, this Tainui actor features in upcoming film
‘The Rehearsal,’ based on Eleanor Catton’s novel.

Tapi - Julian Dennison

Urban street hustler Tapi can be found out on the streets of Aroha
Bridge wheeling and dealing dubious goods. Lightning sharp
tongue and wit, Tapi has no problem dressing down the twins
on the daily.

Played by Julian Dennison. From ‘Hunt For the Wilderpeople’ fame,
Julian’s status as a rising star is well and truly established and
sees him acting on the world stage in international films.
He is Ngāti Hauā descent.

Whaea Bubbles - Rachel House 

Kind of old but ever cool, the inimitable Whaea Bubbles rocks around
Aroha Bridge in her matching tracksuit, providing equal amounts of
wisdom and biting insults.

Played by Rachel House. Renown actress and creative, Rachel is well
known for ‘Whale Rider,’ ‘Boy’, ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ and as the
lovable grandma in Disney animation Moana. She is Ngāti Mutunga,
Ngāti Tahu and European descent.

Mayor TokoUso - Oscar Kightley

Philanthropic, altruistic and an over achiever, Mayor TokoUso is
everything most politicians are not. Half Tongan and half Samoan,
the mayor of Aroha Bridge is a play on the biracial over achiever,
humble to their core.

Played by Oscar Kightley. Samoan creative polymath Kightley has
recently been awarded the Fullbright scholarship, following a
background of essential contributions to Pacific Island comedy in
the screen and theatre sector.