ANZAC 2021

A national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peace keeping operations.

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Extras - ANZAC 2021

Māori Television presents clips from ANZAC 2021, including Ministry of Education 2021 Ngārimu Video Competition winning entries.

ANZAC 2021: The Ode of Remembrance

Recited by Wayne ‘Buck’ Shelford, formerly of the RNZN, and PTE Te Mihinga Brock, Auckland Company, 3/6 RNZIR, "The Ode of Remembrance" is the fourth stanza from Laurence Binyon's poem For the Fallen. It was first published in 1914 and has been incorporated into the ritual of remembrance in many countries. In 2015, the first line in the Te reo Maori version was officially changed from “E kore ratou e koroheketia”, to “E kore ratou e kaumatuatia” to reflect the service and sacrifice of both Men and Women.

ANZAC 2021: Requiem for a Solider

Performed on Violin by Nick Jones, “Requiem for a Soldier” by Michael Kamen, was written for the 2001 TV series the "Band of Brothers" and as a requiem for his uncle, an Army captain who was killed in Germany three days before the Third Reich surrendered. 

ANZAC 2021: Last Post

Played by Stephen Bemelman, of the Auckland City Brass Band, "The Last Post" signifies that a soldier's journey is done and that Anzac Day is a day of remembrance for those who never returned home to Aotearoa. The flags are lowered in honour of the fallen as the bugle sounds.

ANZAC 2021: Lament

Performed by Pipe Major, Tim Chia of the City of Auckland Pipe Band, The Lament is the traditional Scottish musical method of paying respects to our fallen soldiers. The folk tune “Flowers of the Forest” was written in the early 1600’s and is often performed as part of ANZAC commemoration services by a  lone piper.

ANZAC 2021: I Vow to Thee my Country

Performed by The Salvation Army, Auckland City Corps Band and Auckland Youth Choir, "I Vow to Thee, My Country" is a patriotic hymn often sung in commemoration services throughout he commonwealth.

ANZAC 2021: Abide with me

Performed by The Salvation Army,  Auckland City Corps Band and Auckland Youth Choir, “Abide with me” is a traditional hymn which has become a standard at ANZAC services in Australia and Aotearoa.

ANZAC 2021 - A Small Hawk in the Rising Sun

A Small Hawk in the Rising Sun by Jess Jenkins of Tawa College traces the life story of Te Raetea Kahu Paku of the 28th Māori Battalion. Winner of the Bilingual category of the 2020 Ngārimu Video Competition, run by the Ministry of Education.

ANZAC 2021 - Koro Te Ua Keepa

Koro Te Ua Keepa is the touching story of the tupuna of Anahera Te Moana, nō Te Kura Mana Māori o Whangaparāoa. Winner of the Te Reo Māori category of the 2020 Ngārimu Video Competition, run by the Ministry of Education.