ANZAC 2018

Join us for a day of remembrance with ANZAC Day coverage and special programming exclusive to Māori Television. Made with the support of NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho. Livestreaming: Auckland Dawn Service, 5.20am, ANZAC Cove Service 2.30pm.

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As part of Māori Television’s comprehensive Anzac Day coverage, we are giving you the opportunity to create a personal message of remembrance for friends or family who took part in past wars or conflicts. 

Every message will be represented by a poppy placed on our virtual cenotaph.  You can click on the poppies to read the individual messages.

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So priviledged to mihi to you Koro Peno Te Haate @ Sangro River, Italy last year. Thinking of you and all my other fallen/deceased tupuna that fought for the freedom I enjoy today. Your great niece Dawn

RIP grandad miss you xx , we will never forget how our men steppes up to protect us today

We will remember them

Remembering all those who served our country; Tuoro Akapita Pango WWI; Peter James, Jack Hohua WWII - Maori Battalion; Richard Ngatai WWII - Royal New Zealand Navy; John Te Kaiamo Ingram WWII - Maori Battalion - Killed in battle at Takrouna - Moe Mai e te raukura, I te Marae o Tumatauenga

Remembering you today Dad (Arama Karaka Tinirau -D company)...couldn't be there to put a poppy on your toka but this is the next best thing arohanui always Patti Tegan and Ally x

Our father who served in the 28th Maori Battalion never used the term 'hero'. He always said that "everyone had a duty to fulfill" in other words they had a job to do---"it's not about individuals it's about the kaupapa". When he passed away he avoided any military insignia on his headstone but for an image of a horse drawn plough. I suppose it symbolised the Bible scripture of turning weapons of war into implements of peace. He did not want to be remembered as a fighter soldier but rather as a loving father and farmer (provider) of the whenua. If alive, he would have told me off for posting this. He didn't like or want attention. Lest we forget. Amene.

Lest We Forget!!! Love to all those that served their countries and continue to do so xxx... Special love to my dad who is no longer with us and served in our NZ Army love you always xxx

Ki toku Koroua Ko Henry Hodges (Harry) - nga mihi aroha ki a koe koro - we love you!

In memory of Captain Thomas Morgan Paterson Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force (2NZEF), 2nd Echelon Died of wounds, night of 15/16 July 1942 Battle for Ruweisat Ridge

Kei te mihi au ki tōku tūpuna koroua, ko Sgt Major George Eric Williamson i whawhai ki te pakanga o Gallipoli. E moe mai rā.

In loving memory of our Dad and Papa, Pte Francis Paranihi Neha Hakaraia 62723 2nd NZEF 28 Maori Battalion, always in our hearts and never far from our thoughts. Lest we forget

He mihi maumaharatanga tēnei ki ōku tūpuna matua i haere ki tāwāhi hei whawhai i ngā hoia o Ūropi. Ki tōku koroua Basil Eric Benseman i whawhai ki North Africa, Italy i te pakanga tuarua o te Ao, me tōna tuakana Bert i mate ki Sidi Rezegh, ā, ka tākoto tonu ia ki reira, kei te mihi, kei te poroporoaki. Ki tōku koroua Thomas Bromley is whawhai ki Itari, ā, i mau heretia e ngā hoia Tiamana ki a ia i ngā tau e whā, i hoki mai ki Aotearoa me ōna tohu mamae, kei te mihi, kei te poroporoaki. Ki ōku kuia i tatari ki ō rāua tāne, Dorothy Patricia Cudby & Dorothy Gwendoline Kirkaldy, i tiaki hoki i a rāua i te hokinga mai, ahakoa kua rerekē rawa te hoa tāne, kei te mihi, kei te poroporoaki. Kāore au i te paku tautoko i ngā pakanga. Kāore au i te paku whakaāe ki ngā pakanga nui o te Ao, me te tukuna atu o ō tātou rangatira ki whenua kē atu hei whawhai, hei mate. Heoi anō, ka mihi aroha tonu tēnei ki ōku tūpuna, kore rawa au e warewaretia.

Ka maumahara tonu matou kia ratou. Jack Tiaki Tai. Ngati-Ira, Te Whakatohea. Moe mai ra koe.

Our father and Koro R.H. Johnson PTE. 817737 2nd NZEF 28 Maori Battalion Forever remembered.

Allen John Stills WWII Trieste - RIP grandad x

As we respectfully remember them, we shall remember them xxxx

In memory of a great uncle whom I never got to meet whose name is on a memorial grave in Turkey with others whose bodies were never found. And in memory of my dad who was named after that uncle - my dad fought at El Alamein, was badly wounded, but survived to return home and marry my mother, only to die at age 55 years. RIP.

Nga mihinui ki a koutou katoa, Today we remember our father John Jensen was a private in the 7th Reinforcements in the 28th Maori Battalion Company C. He was wounded once and invalided home; along with our uncles our mother's two brothers from Company C Private Charles Fox, who embarked with the Main body of the 28th Maori Battalion. He was killed in action on 15/12/41, and Corporal Ben Fox, who embarked with the 9th Reinforcements. He died of wounds on the 13/6/44, they are both lying in foreign soil, being well cared for. We are remembering all our papa (my matua whangai cousins) in the Waititi whanau; Apanui Waititi who served with C Company and embarked with the 8th Reinforcements; Major John Waititi, who embarked with the 10th Reinforcements. He was wounded three times. Sergeant Hori Waititi, who embarked with the 9th Reinforcements. He was wounded once and mentioned in dispatches. Lance Corporal Maaki Waititi, who embarked with the 10th Reinforcements. He was wounded once. Private Joe Waititi (aka Tarzan Waititi), who embarked with the 10th Reinforcements. He was wounded once. Corporal Erueti Waititi (aka Taika Waititi), who embarked with the 12th Reinforcements. Our papa from Wharekahika, Hicks Bay, Te Araroa, Potaka, and the rest of Ngati Porou and Te Whanau-A-Apanui and all the companies of the 28th Maori Battalion. To our kuia, koroua, matua, koka, whanaunga who lost their sons, brothers, husbands, cousins, nephews, and mokopuna to war... and to a generation of beautiful young men that did not walk with us during their lifetimes as they were cut so short... LEST WE FORGET.... and to all our ancestors that fought in the NZ Land Wars to the present day of a generation doing Peace Duties.... may God watch over and care for them while away from their whanau and country...

To all those handsome, brave young men so full of life and passion who died for their country may they all Rest In Peace and know that to this day we remember them and will never forget any of them. The pride of our country we love and miss them all. Arohaina mai, Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou, amine

He tohu whakamauhara, he tohu aroha mo taku koroua a Private Te Kari Waaka-39275..... 'Mai I te tõnga o te rā, tae noa ki te aranga, ka maumahara tonu matau!!!'

In honour of my Ancestors, Thomas Cooke, Kill in action HMS Queen Mary, Jutland Alfred Moffat, Kill in action Paschendaele. Your sacrifice, and those of the many thousands of others, is remembered.

For my grandfather who served in both WW1 and WW2.

In memory of my NZ grandfather who, I only found out last year, fought at Passchendaele. He was injured and fortunate to return home, so that one day he got to bounce me on his knee. Also in memory of my Scottish grandfather who fought in both World Wars in the Royal Engineers and who also was fortunate to return home.

In memory of my Great Grandfather, Sergeant Michael Francis Ryan, who was killed at Gallipoli on 8 August 1915 and has no known grave. Rest in peace. We will be coming to see you in 2015 on the 100th anniversary of your sacrifice. Ake Ake Kia Kaha.

Meg Jones (nee Greenstreet) my mother's brother Merton was missing in action in Greece. Pa, Nana and their children Doris, Meg, Geoff and Merton's widowed wife Jean and son Graham lives, were changed forever and without closure, as Merton's body was never found. They always remembered him.

In loving memory of Uncle Joe Ehau who died at Monte Casino... My Dad Bunny Jacobs... My Uncles Cpt Ruhi Pene Reuben Pene Boy Maui Tony Haimona who all served with the 28th Maori Battalion B Company and all my other Uncles (too many to name) who all returned home to the Motherland...

In memory of my great Uncle, he served in the 4th Battalion AIF. I never knew him - he was shot in the face in France. He survived and was sent home "early". Some would call him lucky.

In memory of Sgt Whiu Te Purei ww2 my great-grandfather. He lays in Cassino,Italy one day i hope to visit you

He whakaaro aroha teenei ki tooku matua ko Herewini Matetahuna Tiopira, ahakoa i hoki tinana mai a ia i te pakanga tuarua o te Ao - i piri toonu oona mamae katoa noo taua pakanga tonu... he whakaaro hoki teenei tuhinga rau aroha ki oona hoa o te roopu Kamupene D.... Auee Ihu tirohia....

In remembrance of my many uncles who died needlessly in a war on the other side of the world. No war is worth your sacrifice so your absence in our lives is poignant on this day. "War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!"