ANZAC 2018

Join us for a day of remembrance with ANZAC Day coverage and special programming exclusive to Māori Television. Made with the support of NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho. Livestreaming: Auckland Dawn Service, 5.20am, ANZAC Cove Service 2.30pm.

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As part of Māori Television’s comprehensive Anzac Day coverage, we are giving you the opportunity to create a personal message of remembrance for friends or family who took part in past wars or conflicts. 

Every message will be represented by a poppy placed on our virtual cenotaph.  You can click on the poppies to read the individual messages.

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In memory of our grandfather Eruera Te Rauna (Syke) Manuel who fought in the 28th Maori Battalion "Company C" and allthosewho fought in our honour. Moe mai ra Grandpa East Coast. From all your mokopuna.

For my Grandfather, Driver Andy Thomas, 6th Reserve Mechanical Transport Company, 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Died 1997 and sorely missed.

For my Great Grand Uncle, Private Charlie Cook, 15th Company, 2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment - Pour Devoir (For Duty) Wounded on the Somme, September 1916. Died 1965.

To remember and honour my Great Grandfather, 3187 Pte Hector MacCallum, 55 Infantry Battalion, Australian Imperial Forces. Died in battle in France, in 1918. Left behind his wife, Amy, and four children. He was operating a Lewis Gun, and going forward, when a stick bomb must have landed nearby. He was killed by concussion because there were no external physical injuries. He's buried in France - I hope to visit his grave site one day. He was one of two brothers who were killed in WW1. We remember them still.

In memory of my father who served in the second world war as a teeager. He became a seargent. He carried his friend for two days on his back the friend died on the way to their company. In loving memory my Dad.

My humble thanks and gratitude to all the men who fought for our freedom. They didn't die in vain. We will remember.

In loving memory of Captain Herbert William King of the 2nd Auckland Battalion who fought and died for King and Country. He died on the 21st February 1917 near Fleurbaix. Never forgotten.

Hi am nema is anahera ngataki am mum is hinekura and am dad is tk.

In Memory of Our Grandfather Sydney Arthur Hammond who fought in ww1 & ww2.. At the going down of the sun....We will Remember them🌹

Mei kore Ko koutou Ko kore Ko matou, E kore te puna o te aroha e mimiti

In loving Memory of a grandfather killed in 1st World war and the relatives who fought in 2nd war We will remember them

In memory of Gordon Omega Haining, who fought at Gallipoli and died of his wounds en route home, and of Barry Haining, who fought in WW2; a rear gunner for the RNZAF in the pacific. And all of the service men and women who gave service.

In remembrance of my dad, Reginald Tuhinga Elers who served Malaya and Korea

To all that did not return.thank yous all so very much. .lest we forget💖💖

In memory of Murray Hudson who gave his life to protect a fellow Soldier Aroha Nui

I place this Poppy to Honour ALL Our Service Men and Women from ALL the Armed Forces, who left their own whaanau in order that future generations shall not be oppressed, and gave their ultimate Sacrifice for US. E moe, E moe, E moemoe ra. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM

In remembrance of my grandfather Daniel Maguire. He emigrated to New Zealand for a better life but found himself conscripted and sent to WWI. He experienced the horror, death and destruction war brings yet was fortunate to survive and return home. As his granddaughter I wish to acknowledge his courage, strength of character and his ability to adapt and use his experience and talent wherever he went. I am proud of my grandfather. A humble man with a simple story of a life well lived. In commemorating ANZAC day I remember him and I am reminded of his powerful legacy. A memorial stone to future generations.

In loving memory of my maternal grandfather Capt HA McMaster 18th Armoured Battalion 2NZEF. Glad to have had the privilege and chance to get to know you in some small way until your passing when I was 15. Gone but will never be forgotten. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those who have served and those still doing so.

To all who served and to those who did not return we will remember

May God bless all the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.

grandads grandmas WERAHIKO AROHANUI for not fighting 4 them god bless till nxt time!!!

in memory of my poua- grandfather Mussy.... Tuapaoa Whitau of Moeraki...and his two brothers - who did not return "Puaka Whitau and ArapataKoti Whitau." ki Arowhenua. South Island New Zealand of .Rapuwai, Waitaha Ngati Mamoe, Ngai Tahu and Nga Puhi - who, made the ultimate sacrifice, for our Whanau Hapu, tau te rangi marie e

To the memory of my great grandfather who served as a stretcher-bearer at the Somme in 1916 and bore the burden of that battle.

I would like to acknowledge my Koro Sir Peter Buck. I commemorate our Koros. Honouring the Men & Women who fought and died for freedom

For my maternal grandfather who aged 42 and with 5 children volunteered and was killed at the battle for Messine on June 23 1916.

To ALL New Zealand Returned Service men who gave their lives for our freedom, thank you from the bottom of my heart x Ka nui te mihi me tino nui taku arohanui kia koutou katoa xo We will remember you...

To those who fought for us ...... thank you. In rememberance of my Great Great Uncle, Murdock McKenzie .... Lest we forget

For those that gave and continue to give their lives, their hearts, their minds, their fight, for us, thank you, and lest we forget.

From Wisconsin in the American Midwest, in remembrance of all of the ANZACs who have given their lives.

Thank you to grandfather, grand uncles, uncles and all. WW1, J-Force, K-Force and all. We shall rember them.