(AO) New Zealand's hottest new Māori bilingual series which follows the trials and tribulations of best friends Smooch, Hemi and Geo. Available On Demand to viewers in Australia and NZ.

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AHIKĀROA is a realistic drama - a graphic snapshot of young, city Māori mindsets. These are intelligent young Māori living unapologetically. The lifestyle Smooch, Geo, and Hemi lead is not for the sensitive. Gritty, funny, and sexy, it’s about living life in all its hissing hydraulic, snapchat sex, and empty crate glory.

With a slick code of honour, a crew up for anything and time on their side, this drama is reckless and relatable. Rangatahi Māori in the prime of their life in the city provides an atmosphere of desperation, debauchery and excitement. But this is not about being an outsider looking in. This group is drawn together by the kura they went to, the city they call home, their bro buried in the urupā, their fierce loyalties to one another, and above all, the need to KEEP THIS PARTY GOING, to ‘keep it lit’ - AHIKĀROA.

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