Zaks Pack East Tamaki take out CrossFit Pacific Regional Competition

Zaks Pack East Tamaki has booked their ticket to the CrossFit Games in Carson City, California, for a second year in a row, after beating 30 teams from around the Pacific region.

It was a dream finish for Zaks Pack East Tamaki, taking the podium at the number one spot.

Megan Signal says, “Pretty overwhelmed and excited our big thing was to of course finish on top and it's happened so I guess that's all we can say, we're just stoked.”

They grinded their way through nine different events designed to test all aspects of their fitness.

Nicola Hanna says, “So last year, like coming second it was our ‘just see if we can do it and see if we could make it to the games’ whereas this year we really wanted to go back and we wanted to go back with a bang to finish on top and so super happy.”

This year will mark their second time competing on the world stage after qualifying at last year's regional.

Callum Gifford says, “We know what we got to do now we know what we have to do leading into it we can fix any mistakes we made last year in the preparation and over there.”

Come July this year in America, they'll compete against the world's 40 fittest CrossFit teams, all vying for the title of the 'Fittest On Earth'.