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Young weightlifters chasing records at World Champs

By Eru Paranihi
  • Auckland

Kanah Andrews-Nahu and Benet Kumeroa are looking to break records at the International Weightlifting Federation Youth World Championships in April.

The two young lifters are currently preparing for the competition which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in April.

Andrews-Nahu and Kumeroa hardly seemed to break a sweat while training at the Functional Strength CrossFit gym on Auckland’s North Shore, but come April, there will be a weight of expectation for them to beat that.

"I'm gonna go there to do what needs to be done. Get on the platform, show what I got, come off and be happy with the experience,” says Andrews-Nahu

She has a combined 109 records that she has smashed along with fellow competitor Benet Kumeroa, as high-performance athletes, they both know the value of acquiring skills from other sports.

Kumeroa says, “I first started Weightlifting to help with my athletics. [I] ended up enjoying weightlifting more and switching over.”

Andrews-Nahu, whose personal best for the clean and jerk category is 101kgs, has a dislike for cardiovascular fitness.

“Aspects of weightlifting in CrossFit and I didn't really like cardio, so I just stuck to the bar,” says Andrews-Nahu.

While juggling school and other commitments can be difficult, they still need to put in the hard yards and prepare for their competition.

Andrews –Nahu says, “Think of what you're there to achieve. None of that "Oh, I can't do that.”

Finding the money to participate in these events is challenging with many competitors self-funded. Andrews-Nahu is on a scholarship that covers her costs to the Worlds, while Kumeroa is reliant on whanau support.

“This time, Dads gonna do a hāngi and try sell some of those and make some money,” says Kumeroa

With records on offer, the experience of competing against other international competitors is an accomplishment for both.