Topic: Rugby

Women's rugby players to get pay rise

By Tamati Tiananga

15-a-side women's contracted rugby players are set to get a pay rise. Each individual will stand to earn $40-45,000 this year, as part an agreement between the players' association and New Zealand Rugby (NZRU).

The agreement paves the way for elite players in women's rugby.  Thirty of this country's contracted players will finally earn top dollar.  

Leslie-Ann Te Atahira Ketu Elder says, "It is a very historical moment- in not just women's rugby but female in sport in general in New Zealand". 

The earning opportunity comes at a good time for female players-  in recent years many have had to find full-time jobs to help with costs. 

Elder says, "It gives me better flexibility and resources to be able to be the best athlete I can be whilst still maintaining my career aspirations".  

This comes as a bonus to players who were involved in discussions.

Elder says, "It's an exciting opportunity and a good start in the right direction.  At the moment rugby is my life and what I do for pleasure." 

The Black Ferns players will have to assemble for fifty days this year as part of their national duty, on top of training within the high performance men's provincial programmes.