Whangarei Girls High School wins Northland Basketball Championship

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

From the Kaipara to Te Reinga, Secondary school girls basketball teams met in Whangarei today to determine who would take the honours as the region’s top team for 2016.

It's was a close and competitive game between Kaitaia College and Whangarei Girls' High School in the opening round with the visitors stoked to get ahead in the final seconds of the game.

Santana Morning from Kaitaia College   says, “We only just beat them by one point so yeah we did pretty mean. They're a pretty big school like we only just had a team so we did pretty good.”

Liana Cameron-Tana from Whāngarei Girls High School says, “I think it’s gotten better this year.  It’s been fading a bit but more teams have come and it’s really good. Basketball is getting noticed and that’s what we need to do, we need to support basketball and that’s good.”

In other first round games, a throw together Tikipunga High School team were well beaten by Broadwood Area School.

Tihewa Smith from Tikipunga High School said, “It was better than I expected.  We still lost but it was really fun and we tried our hardest. It’s quite serious for me just because I play basketball and any chance I get I just go hard.”

Shania Tatana from Te Maunganui o Wai  said, “Well I don’t want to lose to Kaitaia College because they're our neighbouring school and hoping to beat Whangarei Girls because I've got a few friends in there. But yeah Whangarei is the team.”

Despite losing a close game to Kaitaia College early in the day, it was Whangarei Girls' High School who made it to the final against Kamo High with a relatively easy win by 30 to 17.

Cameron-Tana says, “When I was in year 10 three years ago, that the last time we won, but we've placed second but it’s still good.  I'm happy to end on a high note this year. Last year was a cool win.

Whangarei Girls' High School are the 2016 Northland basketball champions.