Weight no longer an obstacle for Bayliss

  • North Island: East Coast

Training three times a week is a part of life for Wiremu Bayliss, who is now half the size he used to be.

Mr Bayliss had never thought in his wildest dreams he could say he had lost 110kgs.

But his journey is not just about shedding the weight it's about reinventing himself as a person.

Mr Bayliss said, most people would say that his personality was fine, but the shell didn't reflect what the inner person wanted to be.

Weighing in at 190kg, he completed the Tri-Māori in April this year. He has since lost a further 60kg.

In June he underwent surgery to help manage his weight, but his journey hasn't always been smooth sailing.

In hindsight he has been training for Iron Māori, and with the support of his family every step of the way there’s no looking back for Wiremu.