Waikato take-out U21 men’s touch title

By Rahia Timutimu
  • Auckland

In the U21 men's final between Counties Manukau and Waikato in Papakura, it was the home side that scored first.

Two minutes later they were back at it again, Hauriri Harvey scoring Counties' second try.  Waikato was kept scoreless until the fifth minute.

Both teams scored once in the final minute of half-time, for Counties to lead 3-2. Both teams were hard on defence, but failed to score within the first five minutes.

No doubt Waikato was told to start off strong, and they did, scoring the first try in the second half.

Hauriri Harvey was one player to watch out for in this game, easily slipping through defenders to score his second of three tries for Counties Manukau in this final.

When one team scored, the opposing team did as well, always locking the scores at a draw.

But it was Waikato who had the last say, winning the national title 8-7.