Talia Smith takes away the win

By Tamati Tiananga
  • Auckland

Corporate boxer Talia Smith, daughter of top New Zealand female boxer, Daniella Smith, picked up another win to further her record to three wins, but there was controversy in the lead up to the fight. 

It was believed her opponent had a total record of thirteen fights, ten amateur fights and three corporate fights.

Talia Smith was determined to come away with the credentials she deserved.

It was clearly a mismatch, on paper Talia's opponent, Hoki Gilbert has experience, however it was a different story on the night as Gilbert was outclassed. So much so, Hoki Gilbert's head trainer denies the allegations.

Smith's camp adds despite the controversy, the win ends any argument.

There is still much discussion around Talia moving up to become a professional boxer, howver, for now, her main focus is her fourth bout scheduled for next month.