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Tait signs three-year contract with Super City Rangers

By Tamati Tiananga
  • Auckland

NBL star Lindsay Tait has signed a three-year contract with the James Blond Super City Rangers for the NBL championship starting next year. 

The veteran point guard has signed with his home town side. 

Tait says, "I guess when coach Jeff got the job he approached me last year and I knew I was in my final year with Wellington, I was always learning towards coming home."
He says his two sons were the main motivator behind his returning to Auckland.  

"Dillion is a big one for me and I started my career with him and he is still up there.  If I have to pick a couple of guys to play with it will always be Dillion, Mika, Casey, and Hayden.  It is always the same guys I know what I am going to get with them," Tait explains.

The last time the 33-year-old played a season in Auckland was in 2012, when he was a member of the champion Auckland Pirates team.   

"I have got nothing but love for Wellington and the Saints, Nick Mills and the Saint organisation, I went down there in 2008 and I have played there every year since except for one year when I came back with the Pirates," he says.

Tait has won seven NBL championships, and says, "I am just concentrating on doing my best to bring that title back to Auckland where I think it belongs."

More announcements are expected in the coming weeks.