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Sydney City Roosters captain stood down

Sydney City Roosters have confirmed, team captain Mitchell Pearce has been stood down from training until an investigation into his actions is completed.

The 26 year old Pearce is to be stripped of his captaincy and fined up to $50,000 (AUD) by the club after committing a ‘lewd act’ whilst partaking in Australia Day celebrations.

Pearce, was involved in an alcohol-fuelled encounter after a Roosters Australia Day celebration, in which, he made sexual gestures towards the dog of a female, who had previously denied his advances towards her.

The video itself, has garnered worldwide attention, leaked last night to Australia media agency, Nine Networks’ A Current Affair show. A leak which is expected to leave a glistening football career in tatters.

Sports journalist, Raniera Harrison will have the latest developments on Te Kāea, 5:30pm, only on Māori Television.

Here is the full clip which screened on Australia's A Current Affair show