Surge in demand for ABs semi-final tickets

By Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne

After the All Blacks defeated France on Sunday morning, there has been a surge in interest for semi-final and final packages at the last minute.

All Blacks Tours General Manager David Caldwell says, "We have had people tell us for a while that they will head to the UK if the All Blacks win the Quarter-Final in Cardiff. We only have a small number of packages available and we are expect a lot of interest today."

The graph below provided by Vector shows that as well as a hike in ticket sales, the big game also caused a surge in demand for electricity.

The blue line shows a typical Sunday morning and the red line shows the demand over Sunday morning. Not surprisingly, the graph shows that demand spiked at 8am and again during half time.

To keep up with the expected interest from avid fans, The Tour Company, who are taking over 4,000 people to the tournament, opened its office for fans who are eager to watch the All Blacks semi-final match against South Africa at Twickernham next weekend.

All Black fans around the world, whether they're watching from home or from the side-lines, are hoping to witness history now that the All Blacks are one step closer to being the first team to win back-to-back Rugby World Cup Competitions.