Silver Ferns Coach Taurua to honour late father

By Tamati Tiananga

Noeline Taurua has said that her father the late Kingi Taurua will be honoured this weekend, when she takes the reign as the Head Coach for the first time of the Silver Ferns. The Silver Ferns Coach shared heartfelt memories of her failed attempt to achieve this position three years ago and how this was not only her dream, but a dream of her late father. 

In the comforts of the team's accommodation at Auckland's Heritage hotel, a chilled Taurua wasn't at all nervous at what lays ahead tomorrow.  

Silver Ferns Head Coach, Noeline Taurua says, “Dads are always there, I hope I don’t lose it, if I’m going to be honest. I’m going to enjoy the moment, I’m going to enjoy standing there. I’m going to look to be strong.”

Taurua adds, everything has happened for a reason, and she knows dad - the late Kingi Taurua will be in her thoughts when she take centre stage to face Commonwealth Games gold medalist England. 

“I can hear him honestly, I can hear him all the time in my ear rapping away. I know he would be proud and it makes my heart warm,” said Taurua

Taurua will honour her dad, the late Kingi Taurua. Taurua, a stalwart in māori media who died earlier this year in May after battle with cancer in her own way when she step's out on court to coach her country. 

“It’s good space to be in, not only for me to be head coach of silver Ferns but knowing that he and mum were supportive with Lightning – Sunshine Coast  but know that I’m going somewhere better and to improve myself with the whānau.”    

Her dad's passing was tough time for Taurua, it was always a dream of her dad to see his daughter coach New Zealand.  Staff of Netball NZ along with Sunshine Coast players attended the late Taurua 's funeral.  

“It was beautiful and it was lovely to see everybody, it rekindles those connections. I don’t know if dad had something to do with that because when netball New Zealand walked in I thought oh.”  

Tomrrow New Zealand face England first up at 4.30pm at Spark Arena in Auckland.