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Rugby fans rush to book flights to RWC grand final

Australia and New Zealand rugby fanatics are making last minute plans to make it to the upcoming grand final of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Research from Cheapflights shows a surge in searches for London-bound flights both during and following the Rugby World Cup semi-finals games, and the ultimate showdown between the All Blacks and the Wallabies.

During the semi-final match, searches remained stagnant, however, directly after, searches spiked.

Just thirty minutes after the match, searches on flights from Wellington or Auckland to London jumped by 17% and 19%. 

Last week, after the All Blacks' advancement to the semi-finals, Cheapflights also recorded a 19% lift in searches for flights to get fans to the UK in time for last weekend's match. In Australia, there was a 27 per cent increase in searches for flights to reach London for the AUS vs ARG semi-final. 

Phil Bloomfield of the Global Head of Communications at Cheapflights says there's still great fares available.

“You could fly from Sydney to Heathrow, and head back in the days after the grand final, for around AU$1,500, which is amazing value.  There are also some great opportunities around the $1,700 mark for flights with shorter journey time.  In the New Zealand market, costs are slightly higher but fans can still make a return trip for around NZ$2,200.  Just be sure you have your match tickets locked in and somewhere to sleep, and you’re off,” he says.

To find out more and to book flights, head to the Cheapflights website.