Topic: Netball

Pulse nab sixth consecutive win

By Ruth Smith
  • Auckland

The SKYCITY Mystic were hoping to give the Pulse a run for their money in their first matchup of the season, but it was the relentless Pulse instead, who continue to show everyone who's boss winning the game 60-38.

"That was amazing and I think it's just when all the hard work and the practice comes through shows on the court.  That's the best thing and that's all we can ask," said Pulse defender and player of the match, Karin Burger.

The Pulse have won their last six games on the trot and again, it was the team's teenaged shooting duo, showing why they deserve their positions in the starting line-up, punishing the international trio of Anna Harrison, Mikaela Sokolich-Beatson, and Phoenix Karaka.

“We're really demanding of each other. Its signs that this team has been working really hard and everyone's doing it for each other and it's just an enjoyable time.” Pulse captain, Katrina Grant said.

It was not just the attacking circle however, that was working hard, the in-circle defensive duo of Katrina Grant and Sulu Fitzpatrick suffocating the Mystic's shooters.

"The defensive unit I think it's just being able to play together and create ball that's the best part," said Burger.

Senior management have been very clear about the team's success, the strengths not being excluded to any given section, but instead spanning across the full breadth of the court.

"I think that with everything you want perfection. They have a huge desire to get their performance right and every week they're trying to improve and there's lots of competition for positions so they're working incredibly hard to keep their spot out there," Pulse coach, Yvette McCausland-Durie said.

The Mystic will be looking to reverse the final outcome in the second matchup against the table toppers, next Sunday in Christchurch.