Topic: Boxing

Parker's devastating right drops Meehan for win

By Rewi Heke

Joseph Parker has claimed his 16th undefeated win last-night against veteran boxer Kali “Meanhands” Meehan by technical knockout (TKO) win.

Parker looked relaxed in the first round quickly finding his range to land some devastating blows on Meehan.  Meehan tried answering back by firing some heavy punches but Parker's evasive movement and quick hands kept Meehan at bay.

It was obvious by the second round that Meehan was hurting after witnessing Parker's power.  Near the end of the second round both fighters displayed a quick burst of punches however Parker kept his cool clearly ending the round with majority punches.

In the third round, Meehan came back throwing a few punches but it wasn't enough to stop Parker coming forward.  After being tagged with multiple punchers Meehan was pushed back on the ropes giving Parker the opportunity to unleash his right hand sending Meehan to the canvas.

Undercard fighter, Dave Latele aka Brown Buttabean managed to redeem himself from his last encounter with Kaleni Taetuli.  A more humble looking Buttabean scored the win following a combination of flurry's before the final bell.  Another standout fight was Meehan Jnr who brutally had his opponent on wobbly legs leaving the ref with no choice but to stop the fight.

The full report on last night’s fights will be available tonight on Te Kāea tonight at 5:30pm.