NZ light weight women's karate champion aims to fulfil dream

By Aroha Treacher

It's been a lifetime of training and dedication for 19-year-old fighter Jacqueline Wooster, as she prepares for the biggest tournament of her life.

High school commitments meant she couldn't fulfil her first World Cup selection in Japan, so qualifying for a second time this year was a huge achievement in itself.

Jacqueline says, “This is my second chance to compete at the World Cup in South Africa so it is a big honour and it's exciting.”

Countries from all over the world will be sending their best fighters, and this will be a chance for Jacqueline to test her skills against some of the most elite martial artists in the world.

With a host of accolades to her name and a strong family connection to this sport, she'll be drawing on all her knowledge when she steps onto the international stage in Durban, South Africa in September.