NRL Indigenous All Stars war dance a hit with Māori

By Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Australia

The NZRL have backed the potential initiation of an Aboriginal war dance to be performed by the Kangaroos in test matches.

This comes after numerous Aboriginal NRL players have voiced their support for the national side to have something that parallels that of the haka.

The Indigenous NRL All Stars game at the weekend brought more woahs than expected. The Indigenous side lead Greg Inglis showcased their new pre-game war dance which included indigenous people dressed in traditional clothing.

Ora Kihi, from NZRL is no stranger to performing in front of large sporting crowds. He’s the leader of the group who performs for the Waikato Chiefs rugby team.

Ora says all Australians needs to embrace this dance.

“There's always been a divide with Australians, NSW and QLD, so what is that thing that unites them?,” he says.

Ora Kihi hopes that one day the Kiwi's haka will be matched by the Kangaroo's aboriginal war dance.