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Newly named 'NZ Development team' fly out in style

The All Blacks Sevens team is heading to the Noosa International Sevens tournament tomorrow under a new name,“NZ Development team.”

With the new name comes a new hairstyle for Gillies Kaka, he says, “yeah nah I've been growing them for a while now. Copping a bit of flack but it's my new style: the bush style, got to try and catch those pigs and blend in with the environment.”

Enjoying the team environment today, the newly-named NZ Development team put in their final training before the 14-man squad flies out tomorrow to Noosa, north of Brisbane.

Skipping his way into a travelling spot with the team, Isaac Te Aute is looking to open up his view on the world.

He says, "for me travelling for rugby has only been within NZ but getting to travel the world now is really exciting, just getting to see and experience new places around the world.”

However, they'll be without the services of Joe Webber. “It's a bit more relaxing heading over to just watch the boys and not play so yeah looking forward to the trip," says Webber.

They're out to consolidate the good vibes until the All Blacks RWC stars return to the Sevens fold. Kaka says, “When some of those big guns the All Blacks come back, we get a good environment going with them and they fit in straight away,” said Kaka.

If team chemistry is anything to go by, they're already well on their way.