Newly crowned bowls champ says there are challenges still to come

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Shannon McIlroy made New Zealand sporting history, becoming the first Māori to win the Men's singles World Bowls Championship. McIlroy says that's nothing compared to the next challenge that's before him.

He's the first Māori to earn the coveted men's singles World Championship title. But Shannon has another reason to celebrate.

“My wife's having a baby in 17 days, it's a new challenge for me and it's something I'm very excited about and looking forward to.”

His Canadian opponent Ryan Bester, was neck and neck, but McIlroy says his biggest opponent was himself.

“Throughout the whole singles event I just had this weird feeling that, you know and it was a good feeling that I was going to do really well.”

And he did, giving the Canadian a run for his money.

“It just comes down to in your head, your mind space, where you're at, do you want it, and you go and get it. I think if I knew I could keep myself cool and calm under pressure I'll be alright.”

Fatherhood is his next challenge before the Commonwealth Games in 2018.