Topic: Health

New York Marathon a journey of healing for Māori runner

By Harata Brown

Ngaroimata Reid has just returned from her journey to America where she participated in the New York Marathon. Her 42km run which crossed over five boroughs of the city was also witnessed by her immediate whānau.

"A huge sense of accomplishment knowing that my whanau shared that with me, all the way, I think, you know it still seems surreal," said Reid.

Running has been a journey of healing for Reid who has lost 30kg and overcome a long battle with depression.

She says, “A lot of things get worked out at that time, and me sort of with myself getting to know myself that was really important it was my go to place.”

Reid planned to participate in the event in 2012, but the race was cancelled for the first time since 1970 amid growing concerns the marathon would divert resources from clean-up efforts in the wake of super storm Sandy. 

Reid says that she's looking forward to more marathons.  One of her goals is to run around the Cook Island of Rarotonga.