Topic: Entertainment

Māori TV CEO defends network's decision to broadcast WWE

  • Auckland

The broadcasting of WWE’s violent content has raised concerns around Māori Television’s purpose as a state channel. Critics question its cultural relevance and value for te reo Māori.

Keith Ikin, CEO of Māori Television told Kawekōrero, “We know that some of our whānau have little interest in te reo right now, but through this avenue, te reo Māori may reach communities and homes that have little interest in te reo Māori.”

When asked if he personally supports WWE on the channel, he says he supports catering to what the station's audience wants to see.

“I support those who want to watch the programmes on Māori Television, at the end of the day, they have the last say. They were foremost in discussions for this programme," says Akin.

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