Kelly Ann heads to Zumba world stage

By Tema Hemi
  • Auckland
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

A Zumba instructor from Te Aitanga a Mahaki will take on the best in her field from around the world. Kelly Ann Nikara has made the finals for 'Zumba Next Rising Presenter' and will take the stage next month in Orlando.

Kelly Ann Nikara is getting ready to represent New Zealand on the world stage.

Nikara says, "Yeah I am real proud that's my dream to represent Māori, to be a Christian as well. I'm super proud to be able to stand and share my heart."

Nikara is passionate about getting bodies moving and says, "My friend took me to ZUMBA and I fell in love with the instructor there, her name is Crystal and from there I thought if she can do it I can do it and that's how I fell in love with Zumba."

Nikara also says, "I plan to leave on the 21st of July and I'll be there for 11 days. ZUM con, the convention, is for four days and while I am there I get to present on the 'let it move you' stage so that's like an honor because the best of the best are on there."

Nikara will join 5 other instructors from countries like Hungary, Poland, and Argentina. It was no easy feat to make the cut. 

She says, "We had to submit two of our own choreographies as well a minute about who we are. I was fortunate enough to be selected based on the application I sent in." 

Nikara leaves on the July 21 and the competition kicks off on July 25,