Topic: Softball

Junior White Sock draws on inspiration from boys

By Eru Paranihi
  • Auckland

Junior White Sox outfielder Taylor Chongnee is hoping her Mount Albert Grammar girls’ softball team can draw inspiration from their boys who have won the last four Secondary Schools tournaments. This week’s tournament, which is in Auckland, is also her last opportunity for match time before the Junior World Championships in Florida.

Chongnee and her team don’t need to look far for inspiration because their boys have won four tournaments in a row.

“It is impressive. I think they’re a really successful team. Our team really look up to the boys and they’re doing quite good,” says Chongnee.

The weather today restricted them to train inside, while there is hope that games can be played at a later time tonight to catch up. Mount Albert Grammar Coach Michal Fletcher has instilled a winning attitude into the girls.

Fletcher says, “We’re just wanting to build and kind of have a two-year plan moving forward. We do lose, I think, two or three Year 13 girls. We have got a nice core, so we’re just trying to build and make sure that we do the basics and execute those properly this week.”

There is a sense that the girls from Mount Albert have had done it tough compared to their male counterparts. Last year, the girls were in division two and easily accounted for the other schools.

“The boys have been to div 1 obviously six times in a row. Whereas we’ve only been given the opportunity to go to div 2 last year. I guess we just have to work harder to get up there,” says Chongnee

Should Mount Albert Grammar not be successful in winning the tournament, the Ngāpuhi outfielder has other goals leading into Florida and also has the endorsement of her coach to do well.

“I think she will do good. The good thing about her is that she’s got no fear, so she’s not going to have or know any of the big names over there,” says Fletcher.

“My main goal is just to keep working hard, keeping at it, improve my fitness, and improve how I play the game, how I think about the game, working at it,” says Chongnee

Chongnee and co will need to power through current champions Wellington East Girls, who they will meet tonight.