Junior tag participation set to soar

By Wikitōria Day
  • Auckland

It is a sport that is becoming widespread amongst many schools around the country and according to one of the organisers of this event, this is the avenue which will enable the growth and longevity of the game.

According to Claude Iusitini, the organiser of the event, "it's a joint initiative between the Auckland Rugby League and New Zealand Tag Football for the main purpose of kids to participate for health benefits and getting outdoors and playing"

Among the masses in attendance was a delegation from Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae. Despite the difficult games they played, they still remained strong.

Student, Mānia Mārika of Ngāti Kahu says that “it was really good however we want to improve on our skills, throwing to players and pulling the tags”

However, it was evident that the true beauty of this day was the ability to be able to try out lots of skills.

When Irirangi Taylor was questioned as to what are some of the good things about the game, the response given was sharp and certain “running fast with the ball, scoring and the relationship between the team.”

It's clear to see that there is a pleasant spirit within the team both on and off the field. 

Irirangi goes on to add that “our friendship is very strong. We aren't shy around each other.”

Mānia also says, “because there is a good spirit within the team, we gel really well together.”

This newly fledged team is proud of the distinct place they have earned in this growing tournament.