Future of softball looks promising

By Tamati Tiananga
  • Wellington

U23’s Major Sox head coach, Steven Deans, says the future of softball looks promising even though the decline in player participation in baseball.

In the last ten years the former Dodges coach has seen a weakening of player membership but the sport has still managed to retain its quality players.   

Deans says, "They have come up though the grades, through Dodgers, and now they represent Hutt Valley in all age groups and now they have broken into the premier side."

The ongoing development of junior competitions has helped grow the sport.

Deans says'  "Look at baseball and the challenges that we face there and the dwindling numbers occasionally...but when you look down the ball park you still see the 8-9-year-olds are still out there playing with the parents".    

The legends of the game have paved the way for future players to pursue. 

Dean says, "It's before my time...the legacy and I guess Mark Sorenson springs to mind and the caliber that he played- and now he is the Black Sox head coach. These boys see that and they aspire to be like that". 

This year has seen an influx of young players participate in the club competition. 

Deans says, "Now they are able to be at the senior club side competition where all the top players are participating.  That level of ball and being placed under those pressures I guess will only benefit them down the rack."  

All these young men are vying for a spot in the Black Sox squad for their tour to the Czech Republic later this year.