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Former NZ Breakers player sets sight on new horizon

By Taroi Black

A week out from being dropped from the NZ Breakers, forward Duane Bailey is confident he'll be back to his best in the New Year.

"After watching last night it was a bit tough, you know I’m going to miss the fullas.  Obviously I’m still gutted and disappointed but I’ll just keep professional and keep working on my game,” said Bailey.

The ex-forward parted ways with the club after it was announced that Corey Webster had been cleared to return to the Breakers from the NBA.

Bailey explained, "My first year was seeing someone else get released and that was Jeremiah Truman and that was tough because he has a family.  I do too but he's not from Auckland so you have to move family around."

While he landed the contract as a squad member in the 2014-15 championship campaign, he could now be considering a contract overseas. 

Bailey says, "I think there's more jobs over there but not saying they're the best job.  But for myself I’m trying to go into it and it might be a little bit lower than what the ANBL is right now but I want to play and build my confidence back up and move my way up."

He's currently playing this season for the Southland Sharks.  His agent has confirmed that Bailey has been been presented with three offers overseas.