Diamond Blacks play world series qualifier tomorrow

By Taroi Black

After two weeks of training with the Diamond Blacks, he'll be looking to make a difference in their world series qualification tomorrow in Sydney.

It's been an intense and gruelling training session for the Diamond Blacks.  The national side is hoping to make history against Australia.

Te Wera Bishop says, "If you give them too much respect than you take it away from our own game.  We start doubting ourselves where we need that mentality where we're going there to win."

New Zealand has never qualified for the World Baseball Classic since its inception in 2005.  They play against a stacked Australian team, the New Zealand side only have two players with big contracts in America. 

22-year-old Bishop played pro ball for the Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers in Chicago, racking up almost a million dollars in earnings. 

"Yup that's always on your mind especially coming from not the richest family to be able to get things provided for you."  He says, "I guess the most I got out of it was maturing really."

Bishop's hope one day is for New Zealand to build the profile of baseball, "It's growing a lot faster and we have a few more players.  But I think we need that last push so that we can actually play this game because we're actually good at this game."

The four-day series kicks off tomorrow and is between New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the Philippines.