Topic: Netball

Developing skills on and off the court

By James Perry

Ahurea Whakauru are preparing for the National Māori Indoor Netball competition in Taupō over Queens Birthday Weekend. They are a club that helps get youth back on the right track.

Tewai Rangi and her husband Stuart founded this club 5 years ago to help rangatahi develop skills on and off the court. Rangi says, "we established the club for our rangatahi. We're all about developing skills for our next generation. And building their lifeskills to go into the future."

Club member Shannon Reece says many rangatahi over the past 5 years have received the benefits. "They've easy had 100 kids come through them. Some of them stayed here for five years, some of them come come for a season and then go off.
They pick them up in the mornings, feed them then they take them home to their parents."

Ahurea Whakauru are taking 4 teams to the National Māori Indoor Netball competition in Taupō. Today was a chance to raise funds to help them get there. Rangi said, "Indoor Netball is self funded. So instead of asking for players to put in an amount of money, we've actually done a fundraiser to cover the registration fees."

Whilst winning isn't everything, they're hoping to go as far as possible. Reece said "the older ones are coming for a good time, to look after everyomne and making sure we're all doing what we need to. The competitive team which are - they'll be eating right, they'll be going out to win it. And the in betweens which are more of a developing team."

The Nationals will be held over Queens Birthday Weekend in Taupō.