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All Black TJ Perenara speaks out about anti-gay comments

By Jessica Tyson
  • Australia

All Black and Hurricanes halfback TJ Perenara has joined others speaking out against Australia full-back Israel Folau's anti-gay comments.

Earlier this month Folau said on social media that gay people would end up in hell.

Perenara took to Twitter last night to say he was "100 percent against the comments".

“It was not ok to say that. It’s not an attitude I want to see in the game I love. There is no justification for such harmful comments,” said Perenara in his post.

He wrote that comments like Folau’s can cause harm especially for young Māori and Pasifika people from the rainbow community and that people struggling with their identity should not let the comments affect them.

“You are perfect as you are. Do not let these comments keep you from being yourself. Polynesia has been sexually diverse since forever”. 

Perenara has also shown his support to the NZ Falcons team going to represent Aotearoa at the Bingham Cup, the world championship of gay and inclusive men’s and women’s rugby.

Meanwhile, writer Dr Garnet Howard Milne from Reformation Testimony says Folau, who is Christian, is being “attacked mercilessly for believing what the Word of God says about homosexuality, and having the temerity to state what it says when asked.”

He says "what is really happening here is the persecution of Christians and the attempt to suppress the teaching of the Bible.

“Israel Folau has pointed out that all unrepentant sinners go to hell if they remain unrepentant. This includes unrepentant adulterers and fornicators like Donald Trump and millions of others. It includes the polite old lady up the street who believes she has done no wrong, though she has never honoured God in her life, the Lord’s day and a million other duties God places upon us.”