Northland Jiu-Jitsu fighter heads to Aus 2014 comp

By Tamati Tiananga
  • Northland
  • Australia

NZ's No Gi Middleweight Champion is set to take on Australia's best.

Krissy Pettman is in extensive training every day of the week with Junior World Champion of Ngāti Porou, Hannah Oliver in a bid for a podium finish in the up-coming international event.  

After attending the unveiling of a dear friend Robbie Farquhar, who died tragically in a diving accident last year, Pettman made the decision to travel to Australia and compete.

She trains at least five to six times a week with men and women.

Pettman has had to juggle caring for her two young children, but is thankful master trainer Steve Oliver and the entire Oliver MMA club have helped her along the way.

It hasn’t been easy to finance the trip. Pettman sold many of her own personal items on TradeMe to raise $750 dollars to cover her flights and accommodation. 

Pettman departs for Melbourne on Friday evening.