Youngatira- creating young rangatira

By Tema Hemi
  • Auckland

Rangatahi in West Auckland have been learning everything there is about the film industry, from working the camera to calling action with a clapperboard. 

It's the new youth program run under Te Whānau o Waipareira Trust called 'Youngatira'. 

It's an opportunity for these Youngatira to play out their fantasies and pursue a career in film.

Tutor Jana Nee says, "I've noticed that a few of our young men, they never considered acting before- it wasn't something that crossed their minds but being able to come in and experience what acting was like has opened up their eyes."

Student Danae Valo Christian Kitiona says, "Well, Youngatira to me is such a safe place and I think I've learnt so much- learning as a family, getting really involved, also to be your self and I learnt just to express yourself."

And in the last six months they have taken every opportunity to learn as much as they can about the culture of moving images.

Nee says, "They've come on board and learnt everything from scripting their own stories to being able to tell their own stories in a scripted way, to editing, learning how to get creative and getting their ideas across through the edits."

And their tutor Fender Maeva sees it as a challenge which creates leaders.

Maeva says, "Ko te ingoa 'Youngatira', is branched from the word rangatira which obviously means leader, and we thought we'dd put a creative spin on it and call it 'Youngatira' which we interpret it as young leader."

Innovation funding from Te Pou Matakana has helped to put the program together.

Jacqui Harema of the Te Whānau o Waipareira Trust says, "This is a digital age, this is a digital era- so they needed the skills to be able to portray themselves, understand how to use media and use that forum for them to have messages around leadership and whats important to them."

The Youngtira program created four short films and will feature this Friday night at the Youngatira Film Festival at the Classic Theatre in Aotea Square.