Young girl's act of kindness inspires people around the world

By Dion Hosking , Online News - Rereātea
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

A simple act of kindness from 13-year-old Te Riina Takamore has inspired people around the world, after a video of her purchasing groceries for a stranger at the Gate Pa New World in Tauranga went viral.

The kind gesture of strangers is what prompted Te Riina to purchase the man’s shopping.

Her mother, Vicki Takamore says it all began when the family decided to purchase an iPhone6 for Te Riina’s birthday. Takamore told the Online News team, after initially paying for the phone, the wife of the man who sold it approached her car and gave the money back telling her to take the phone as a gift for her daughter.

“Te Riina was surprised and happy, amazed that something like that was happening to us,” she says.

The gesture had a profound impact on her daughter and while shopping at New World she says Te Riina noticed a man and decided she wanted to pay for his groceries.

The recipient of the kind gesture was a young father named Matt. He told the Online News Team, "I was quite shocked, it doesn't happen very often that someone offers to pay for your groceries and it couldn't have happened at a better time." 

Matt says he definitely plans to pay the act forward, when he is in a position to do so.

"The way it made me feel and the way it could make others feel, it was overwhelming and I want to carry on the love."

Te Riina's mother Vicki filmed the heart-warming moment and was touched by the response to the video. "It has been crazy, ever since we posted the video, the likes, post and shares have been overwhelming.”

The whānau has received messages from as far away as France, Canada and the USA.

Online comments on the video praised the young girl’s actions.  

“There are still caring people in the world.”

“Inspired I will do this too. Thank you for reminding me what is important.”

The owner of the Gate Pa New World Tony Ford says the whole store was "given a buzz" when they saw what Te Riina did.

Matt and the family have formed a friendship and plan to stay in touch with each other.