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‘Wairua’ video nominated for Māori music award

  • Auckland

The ‘Wairua’ music video only took one day to film and is up for Best Video by a Māori Artist at this year's Waiata Māori Music Awards.

The song was composed as a part of Māori TV’s ‘Voices Of Our Future’ (VOOF) programme which follows the Maimoa Music group as they live in a house making music together.

Tawaroa Kawana from Maimoa spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters and says the group is humbled to be nominated for the award.

He says, “The stats show that we have close to one million views on Facebook.”

“Same goes for YouTube, we have nearly one million views. So it looks like they are feeling the wairua.”

The music video also features William Cribb, now known as William Wairua, who has quickly acquired a strong following with his unique online persona and dance moves.

Kawana says, “He's a cool dude. While we were composing this song, we pondered over possible topics that could relate to our song.

“So seeing that wairua was the main topic of our song, we thought about it and Will's name came up.

“Now, he (Will) grew up with my older brother, who's also a clown, so I thought I'd ask him to be a part of our song.”

Winners for the Waiata Māori Music Awards will be revealed at the ceremony on Friday, September 15.