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A Waikato kaumatua calls for apology from Sir William Gallagher

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Taitimu Maipi leaves the Gallagher Group building on Kahikatea Drive/

A Waikato kaumatua is calling for Sir William Gallagher to apologise for saying the Treaty of Waitangi is a farce.

This comes after kaumatua, Taitimu Maipi, marched into the Gallagher Group Limited office in Hamilton today wearing a white supremacist costume with KKK on it in protest against Sir William Gallagher’s comments.

Maipi told Māori TV’s Kawekōrero Reporters programme Sir William Gallagher should know better.

“At that age, he should have learnt something the time that he’s been in Tainui,” said Maipi.

“I think the statement that was made by Sir William Gallagher was unacceptable in this day and age.”

Sir William Gallagher called the Treaty of Waitangi a farce during a speech to Waikato business people last Friday. He later told Stuff the Treaty documents at Te Papa was a fraud and that Māori had ceded sovereignty.

“Because he’s got so many millions of dollars he thinks he can make those kinds of statements. I don’t think so,” said Maipi.

“I’m quite upfront about that. And I don’t apologise about that.”

Maipi claims hundreds of Hamilton locals support Sir William Gallagher’s stance against the Treaty of Waitangi. He has also likened Sir William Gallagher to the KKK – a white supremacist group formed in America in 1865.

“I wanted to make a strong statement to those in support of him,” said Maipi.

“Enough is enough. And there are some racist people [here] that are just as bad as those ones over in America.”

Maipi is a member of Ngā Tamatoa who supported the Bastion Point, Raglan Golf Course and Springbok Tour protests in the 1970’s. They were also instrumental in pushing for Te Reo Māori to be recognized as an official language of New Zealand.