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Video of dancing Ngāpuhi mum shared by Ellen DeGeneres

By Harata Brown
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Amber Murphy decided to dance her way through complicated contractions but she didn't expect the video of her dropping it low to go viral on social media.

It was only one hour before Murphy gave birth to her 10.45 pound baby Bobbie Renee, when one of her sister's recorded her dancing, 

Amber Murphy (Ngāpuhi) says, "We were just playing around me and my sisters we actually wanted to do the baby mama dance.  She just thought just do it now, it is your last baby, and so I just did, I just started dancing."

Murphy gave birth to her sixth child at Waikato Hospital before the new year.  One of several clips posted on various social media sites have reached over 15 million views but she says that the birth wasn't easy at all.

"She was turned facing up, my midwife says she was looking at the stars, and they are suppose to be looking down, so I tried to turn her around by dancing, shaking it, like moving my hips but yes she didn't turn so when she finally was coming, they had to get the doctor to suck her out because she was stuck," says Murphy.

International media outlets have been quick to pick up the Baby Mama clip.  Better yet, Murphy was even more amazed when the international television personality, Ellen DeGeneres website shared her video. 

"Honestly I didn't even know that it was going to have views, I just thought my family were going to look at it, and say oh cool bub.  But no, the whole world's looking at it now," she says.

Murphy says she is thinking about continuing in the social media dance video business, by having all her children join in on the fun.