Topic: Politics

Te Tumu Paeroa see benefits in building papakāinga under proposed RMA changes

By Heta Gardiner
  • Wellington

Te Tumu Paeroa, an organisation that develops the growth of Māori land and assets, sees the value for Māori in building papakāinga under the proposed changes of the Resource Management Act. 

Houses are being built but support for the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill is also on the rise.

Jamie Tuuta says, "Te Tumu Paeroa supports legislation that makes things easier to establish and develop houses, and helps establish papakāinga."

It's places like Evans Bay that are meant to be easier to develop under the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill.

Te Tumu Paeroa believes the benefits will be abundant if this is to proceed. 

"First, it will make things cheaper.  Second, it will help hasten the process if you need permission from councils," adds Tuuta.

The bill only passed with the support of the Māori Party.  Labour's crying foul saying it was surprised the party didn't require government to include a provision for mandatory recognition of iwi management. 
But they say Māori will benefit from this.    

Despite the mud-slinging, Jamie Tuuta feels that nothing is set in stone and that it's only the first reading, "Only time will tell if these provisions will help support the development of papakāinga and actually make it into the final draft of the bill."

All warning, be careful what you wish for.  "There are definitely benefits in that.  But we have to be wary," says Tuuta.

This issue now goes before the select committee.