Taxpayers fuming over increased living costs

By Taroi Black
  • Auckland

The rise in the cost of living means many families are having to dig deep in to their pockets to sustain a reasonable standard of living

Basic expenses such as housing, food, fuel and healthcare are getting beyond their reach 

Mangere Budgeting Services Trust manager Darryl Evans says, “As of today's date there are about 3,500 families that have come through our doors.  The average family is paying 65% of their weekly income to the private landlord.”

Since last year, housing prices have risen by 3.9 percent, mortgage interest payments are up 8.1 percent and rent is up 2.5 percent.

“Last year, after paying for the rent and power and the petrol, our families were able to spend $80 a week on food.  This year in April we interviewed 1,500 families. This year the average that families have got left for food is $39.”

Meanwhile, petrol prices continue to climb making taxpayers fume.

One such taxpayer, Vicki Rangi says, “The prices vary from gas station to gas station.  So to be honest they are stealing off us.”

It will soon cost another 3.5 cents per liter.

“The price has already lifted.  On Tuesday night I had to pay $100 to fill my car.”

But come Sunday they will have to cope with another hike in petrol prices.