Topic: Elections

Strategic voting is now a real consideration for Te Taitokerau electorate

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

To the far north where strategic voting has become a real consideration for Maori voters following the rise of Kelvin Davis to number two on the Labour list this week after the Te Taitokerau MP was appointed Labours' deputy leader. 

The rise in the standing of the MP within his electorate was clear when he attended the rugby league Northland grand final at Toll Stadium in Whangarei on the weekend.

Kelvin Davis says, "I think we can change this government as we are now closing the gap in ratings and it's turning into a real battle just like that one out on the field today."

While the game was the focus, the upcoming election was not far from the thoughts of league fans.

"If you want more Maori representation, why not.  Why not vote and get as many on as we can?"
"Yes think it is a good option." 

"I'll probably still vote for Kelvin (laughs) yeah."

"I support Kelvin because it takes a long time for Māori to rise to the top echelons in Parliament."

There is already word going around that the Taitokerau incumbent's rise to deputy leader will mean that he will vacate his seat to allow another colleague to compete for it while he makes his return to parliament via the Labour list.

Davis says, "No!  I want our people to give us their party vote and vote for me.  I want the support of the Taitokerau electorate, I definitely do not want to return to parliament on the Labour list."

Like the rugby league grand final, there's a major challenge ahead to win the upcoming election.